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Kindly key in your Name (Name as appearing on the share certificate / Depository record) or Folio No (if you are holding shares in Physical mode) or your DPID and Client ID (in case your holding is in demat mode) to view your unclaimed dividend details.
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Note: Use Following format to key in Folio/DPID ClientID:

1) Holding in Physical: xxxxxxx Enter your numeric folio number as mentioned on the share certificate.
eg: In case your Folio No is 123  then please enter 0000123.
2) Holding in Demat (NSDL): INxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Enter your 16 digit DPID Client ID  including “IN” without any spaces.

 eg: In case your DPID is IN312346 AND Client ID is 12345678 then please enter IN31234612345678.
 3) Holding in Demat (CDSL): xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Enter your 16 digit numeric ID without any spaces.


Procedure to claim Dividend

Shareholders may contact our Registrar & Share Transfer Agent (RTA) Datamatics Financial Services Ltd. or our Bank’s Investor Services Division for claiming Dividend remained unclaimed/unpaid in their name.

Shares in Physical Form:

Shareholders who are holding shares in physical form are requested to submit the following details to us/our RTA –

·         Form-1 Letter for Payment of Unclaimed/Unpaid Dividend

·         Form-3  Indemnity Bond

·         1 Cancelled Cheque Leaf of active account in which dividend is to be credited

·         Copy of Address Proof where communications are required to be sent

·         Copy of PAN Card

Once we receive the above documents, Shareholders details will be updated in our record and from henceforth all the dividends including unpaid dividend will directly be credited in shareholders account which will save the time as well as trouble caused due to loss of dividend warrants in transit and expiry of validity.

Even though the above will ensure direct credit of dividend in their account, we suggest that they should transfer their physical shares in Demat since it ensures timely payment of dividend in their account along with following other benefits–

a) Change of address, registration of Power of Attorney – can be effected across companies by one single instruction to the DP.

b) SEBI has made it compulsory for trades in all listed scrips to be settled in demat mode. Although, trades up to 500 shares can be settled in physical form, physical settlement is virtually not taking place for the apprehension of bad delivery on account of mismatch of signatures, forgery of signatures, fake certificates etc.

c) It is a safe and convenient way to hold securities compared to holding securities in physical form.

d) No stamp duty is levied on transfer of securities held in demat form.

e) Instantaneous transfer of securities enhances liquidity.

f) It eliminates delays, thefts, interceptions and subsequent misuse of certificates.

g) Market lot of one share for the purpose of transactions - so no odd lot problem.

h) Any number of securities can be transferred / delivered with one delivery instruction. Therefore, paperwork and signing of multiple transfer forms is done away with.

i) It facilitates taking loans / advances against securities.

j) Immediate credits in case of any allotment in Non cash corporate actions such as bonus, rights issues and IPOs.

UNION DEMAT - Union Bank of India offers service-oriented Demat account - Union Demat. Union Bank is a Depository participant of Central Depository Services Ltd.

For further details, please click on the below link –


You can also contact our Bank’s nearest Branch or E-mail demat[at]unionbankofindia[dot]com 

Shares in Demat Form:

Shareholders who are holding shares in Demat form are requested to submit the following details to their Depository Participant (DP) with whom they are maintaining Demat Account and request them to update your bank details including 9 digit MICR and IFSC Code, email address and contact details:

·         1 Cancelled Cheque Leaf of active account in which dividend is to be credited

·         Copy of Address Proof where communications are required to be sent

·         Copy of PAN Card

After updating the above details with DP please send the following to us/our RTA:

·         Form-2  Letter for Payment of Unclaimed/Unpaid Dividend

·         Form-3  Indemnity Bond

·         Client master list of Demat Account. 

Contact Details of our Banks Investor Services Division and our Registrar & Share Transfer Agent:

Datamatics Business Solutions Ltd.  

Unit: Union Bank of India
Plot No. B-5
Part B Cross Lane, MIDC
Andheri (East)
Tel-(022) 66712151-60
Fax-(022) 28213404


Company Secretary
Investor Services Division

Union Bank of India
12th Floor, Central Office,
239, Vidhan Bhavan Marg,Nariman Point, Mumbai-400 021
Tel-(022) 2289 6643/36
Fax-(022) 22025238

Important Note: Proposed Date of Transfer of Unclaimed/Unpaid Dividend to IEPF

The amount of dividend remaining unclaimed for a period of seven years from the date of transfer of dividend to the Unpaid Dividend Account shall be transferred to the Investor Education and Protection Fund. The list of dividends declared so far and Proposed Date of Transfer of Unclaimed/Unpaid Dividend to IEPF are given below:

Period of the Dividend

% of dividend declared

Proposed Date of Transfer

Dividend for 2012-13



Interim Dividend for 2013-14



Final Dividend 2013-14



Final Dividend 2014-15



Dividend for 2015-16



The shareholders who have not received or claimed the above dividends till now are requested to make a claim at the earliest to the Registrar & Share Transfer Agent or the Investor Services Division of the Bank.

Procedure to claim refund from Investor Education & Protection Fund (IEPF) –

Any shareholder, whose unclaimed dividend has been transferred to IEPF, may apply for refund to the IEPF Authority by following the below process –


a)    Submit an online application in Form IEPF-5 available on the website www.iepf.gov.in along with fee specified by the IEPF Authority and

b)    send original Indemnity Bond, Advance Receipts, any other document as enumerated in Form No. IEPF-5, duly signed by the shareholder, to the Nodal Officer of the Bank at its registered office for verification of the claim.


For further details, please refer Investor Education and Protection Fund Authority (Accounting, Audit, Transfer and Refund) Rules, 2016.


Details of Nodal Officer and Deputy Nodal Officer of the Bank for the purposes of verification of claims and coordination with IEPF Authority –

Nodal Officer

Shri Mangesh Mandrekar

Asst. General Manager & Company Secretary


Deputy Nodal Officer

Shri Sumit Bedi

Senior Manager (CA)



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